Mr Geale Makes Jewellery

Mat has been designing and making jewellery for over 10 years, working mainly in silver, gold, precious stones and organic materials such as bone and horn. His work is mainly inspired by the natural world, particularly small things such as insects, shells, flowers as well as microscopic forms like diatoms and algae.He likes to mainly work in traditional techniques, consciously paying homage to jewellers and silversmiths from past eras. 

antique roman coin jewelleryjpg

His own range is currently available by request. Please contact Mathew to visit the studio and view his current Roman Coin Collection and to view examples of his restoration works. His work can also be viewed in the Gallery pages of this website. 


He Loves Commissions

commission ring in white and yellow gold with amythest.jpg

Mathew has wide experience making all types of commission pieces, wedding rings, cocktail and special anniversary rings, pendants, brooches earrings etc. He works with many different styles and materials, gold and silver, incorporating precious and non precious stones as well as bone, horn, mother of pearl and wood. He can work from a set design or help you come up with a design which is unique to you or your loved ones. 

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Please see the Commissions Gallery for examples of past works. 

To discuss your requirements, please contact Mathew directly on

0431 878 012 or via email at [email protected].